Story of Tektor Cigars

When I moved to Gotland about eleven years ago I recieved some tobacco seeds as a gift and started to experiment with planting tobacco on the island. Since the first 14 plants thrived in 2006 I’ve been learning everything about cigar production and perfected every working step.
With organic growth we’ve now got over 500 plants and aiming for 15000 cigars in 2019.

“The peppery creamy aroma of the rather robust cigar was very well recieved” – Cigar Journal Magazine

A tasting panel from Cigar Journal Magazine did a blind tasting of the Tektors Petit Corona with the evaluations range between 88 and 91 points out of 100.

Tektor still killing it!

Konrad Tektor was a criminal with big dreams to one day emigrate to America. But with robbery and murder in his criminal record, Konrad´s story ended with a brutal execution within a stone’s throw away from our cultivation in Stenkumla, Gotland. Since smoking is badass we thought Tektor was a badass name for our cigar.

The Cultivation in Stenkumla

Every spring we plant our Connecticut Broadleaf on our farm in Stenkumla. In the autumn we harvest the leaves and hang them on the barn’s loft to dry. When the leaves have been packed and fermented, we sort them to see which ones are good to use as wrappers. Then we roll all cigars ourself and it’s just the best cigars we dare to brand with the Tektor girdle.

Roll your own cigar