Who’s Konrad Tektor?

Just a stone’s throw from our cultivation in Stenkumla, Gotland, the last public execution took place in May 1878. The man who was executed was named Konrad Tektor – one of the most known criminals in Sweden at the time. 
Konrad Tektor was a troublemaker who supported himself on part time jobs and crimes. Serving time at Långholmen prison he met his companion “Gustav Hiert”, and together they started planning a robbery. The target was a coach, and the money would be used to emigrate to America. 
The robbery was a complete failure. They robbed the wrong coach and ended up killing both the coachman and passenger. 
They escaped on a crime tour including Gotland, and their progress was updated by the papers.
The police were chasing them and soon the two companions were arrested in Stockholm. Tektor was sent to Visby, sentenced to death by decapitation.
At that time the whole village was gathered to watch. The executioner chopped three times before the head was severed, and it was so brutal that they later reconsidered having public executions. About 30 years later executions in Sweden were abolished.